May 15 2017by Jeff Bezos

Static sites are great

Horizontal lines without front space:

  • An unnumbered list begins with an asterisk.

  • A list member

    • Nested list members without tabs.

      • You can now nest beyond four deep...

        • ...although it becomes hard...

          • read and edit.

  1. A numbered list, which starts with a tab and any digit, is automatically numbered.

  2. It is also called an ordered list.

  • The various kinds of lists can be nested by using extra tabs.

  1. Also this way:

    1. Nested

    2. Nested too

    3. Yet one more

    4. And another one

    5. This is not another one

  2. But this one is

  • Also the other way round:

    1. Item 1

    2. Item 2

    3. 3 metI

  • And like this.

    • Nested item.

      • Even more nested item.

        • Even more nested item.

      • I've flown the coop!

termdefinition -- formed with Tab-Stuff-Colon-Tabanother termand its buddy definition

This is a block quote. It looks like <TAB><SPACE>:<TAB>text. This is because it really is a term: definition block with the term being a <SPACE>.

Image in this Wiki (just the URL to the image file):

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